Among the many HVAC zoning products available, the Arzel brand is renowned for its superiority and longevity. The company is committed to providing the best zoning equipment for a variety of HVAC applications. Its product features include easy installation, energy efficiency, programming, and a lifetime warranty. To learn more, click on the links below. You will find detailed product reviews on many of Arzel’s products. If you’re interested in purchasing an Arzel thermostat, contact a representative today.

Easy to install

A low-cost, easy-to-install, zone control system is available from Arzel. The system’s patented EzySlide dampers operate without motors and use low-pressure air supplied by Arzel’s control panel. These dampers insert into existing ductwork, providing a simple, low-tech solution for controlling by-pass air. The patented Internal Damper ClampTM locks the damper into place. The contractor can choose from a trunk or branch version of this system based on the ductwork and lifestyle pattern of the homeowner.

Homeowners typically face challenges with uneven temperature control throughout their homes. An unbalanced heating or cooling system won’t reach rooms that are rarely used. An Arzel Zoning system makes it easy to zone and control air flow through multiple thermostats. Arzel also allows homeowners to optimize their current system, lowering maintenance and energy bills. It’s a smart, low-maintenance solution for both homeowners and contractors.


One of the most energy-efficient ways to design a home is to use an Arzel zoning system. This system utilizes a sophisticated zoning technology and automatic dampers to control temperature in specific zones. It is an effective solution to uneven heating and cooling, which can increase energy bills and cause discomfort. Arzel zoning systems can be designed for single rooms or entire groups of rooms, increasing comfort and energy efficiency.

Another important element of designing a home with an Arzel system is to separate rooms. For example, if there are rooms on different floors, they should not be in the same zone. This is because the heat generated on each floor will vary greatly, causing the temperature in one area to vary greatly from that of another. Separating rooms by zoning allows the Arzel system to work effectively. Furthermore, rooms built at different times should not be located in the same zone as they will have different insulation and construction methods, resulting in very different heating and cooling requirements.

Easy to program

The Easy to program Arzel is designed to make commissioning and servicing a zone control system simple and straightforward. The Set-Up Wizard makes commissioning the system a breeze, and the Bypass Calculator makes calculating the required bypass even easier. Its unique Zone Weight features minimize bypass requirements and independently control the fan speed of variable speed equipment. Its USB port makes it easy to update the software and download history. It also comes with built-in balance point and emergency heat controls.

Another great benefit of the Arzel zoning system is that you can use it to zone areas of your home. This way, you can bring rooms that don’t get a lot of use back to a comfortable temperature. With this feature, you can save on energy costs and enjoy a comfortable climate wherever you are. With a simple touch of your finger, you can program the system as needed, and even set the temperature in specific areas of the home.

Lifetime warranty

The Arzel Zoning System offers the best warranty in the industry and requires minimal maintenance. Its dampers run on air pressure rather than motors or gears. This warranty is valid for the life of the system, which makes it a superior choice for new construction. Justin Time Plumbing & Heating offers expert installation and repair services for these systems. If your system breaks down during installation, we will be there to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

Arzel is committed to quality and craftsmanship, and their lifetime warranty ensures the satisfaction of every customer. Their products have been field-tested for nearly four decades, so you can rest assured that you are getting a quality product. And you’ll get peace of mind with an Arzel Lifetime Warranty. All their heating and cooling systems come with a full warranty. And if you’re worried about the cost of a replacement system, Arzel has you covered!