Invisalign aligners are clear, removable orthodontic dental braces which are basically a thin transparent, flexible plastic form of braces used primarily to straighten teeth. This is accomplished by cutting out an area of the tooth where the Aligners are placed and then sealing this region to keep it from moving as in traditional braces. The result is that teeth become straighter, and the spaces between them closed.

The technology behind invisalign aligners came about through the efforts of a brilliant inventor named Robert Dickson. Dickson had become frustrated with how traditional dentistry treated his own teeth. He became so fed up that he decided to develop an alternative method of straightening teeth. His main goal was to create a treatment which would allow patients to enjoy invisalign treatment without being under the watchful eye of a specialist dentist. The resulting design, which he called the ‘smarttrack’ brace, met this challenge admirably.

Unlike traditional braces which are bulky, heavy and uncomfortable, invisalign aligners are very light and can be worn under any type of clothing. To get the most from the treatment, it’s best to wear the aligner when brushing and flossing your teeth, though of course you should remove it at bedtime. If you want to go further, you can also use the clear aligners to help enhance your smile, or even use them as part of a full facial makeover.

As you might imagine, invisalign aligners aren’t just for straightening teeth – they’re also extremely useful in helping to protect your gums and mouth. This is why they’re commonly used as part of a full face or gum treatment. Thanks to the invisible nature of the treatment, it’s also easy to clean between aligners, unlike with traditional braces, which can be an expensive hassle. Cleaning sessions usually take place once or twice a year, and most dentists will agree that the cost benefits far outweigh the cost of maintaining clear, crooked smiles.

The treatment itself works by creating tiny metal aligners which are bonded onto the teeth. They gently guide your teeth into a position where they’re slightly off-centre, making them look more like their natural form. To make this even more effective, the aligners themselves can be colored, to make them look like natural teeth. The result is an improvement in the overall appearance of your teeth, which is one of the main reasons why people choose invisalign technology aligners for their smile makeovers. They give your smile a more attractive, healthy look, which is especially important if you’re an athlete, someone whose job involves contact with the mouth and face.

Metal brackets are used in other forms of braces systems as well, such as the Invisalign technology aligners. Other types of braces use brackets which sit directly on your teeth, either over your natural teeth or over metal brackets. The difference between metal brackets and aligners is that metal brackets are much more noticeable, and they can also cause some discomfort for some people. But because they use metal, invisalign aligners don’t have these problems. They slip right under your teeth, without being noticeable, and they do so without causing any discomfort or pain. Because they’re made out of plastic, they also wear down after extended usage, meaning that you need to buy new aligner units every few months.

It’s important to understand what you need from this type of treatment, though. Before you get invisalign treatment, it’s recommended that you first take a good look at your smile. Are you happy with the way it looks now? If not, you might want to consider changing your look, or even getting braces at the very least. If you think that you’re happy with the way your smile looks currently, you may be able to get these new aligners at a rather low cost. This is especially true if your dentist has your insurance coverage for this type of treatment already.

Invisalign aligners may be a smart investment for you and your dentist. It does exactly what it promises, which is to straighten your teeth out. But if you’re not sure whether or not you’re happy with the way your teeth look currently, it’s recommended that you try these out before committing to having them put in place. It’s wise to first try out a set of Invisalign aligners at your dentist’s office, where you’ll have a better idea of how they’ll look on your teeth once they’ve been fitted. You can also ask your orthodontist to suggest some brands to get your started. With a little bit of research, you should find the perfect aligner for you.