Since his initial publication in 1992, Beau Crabill has been writing in several online journals and newsletters, including a blog, to provide readers with information on his bestselling book, The Art of Being Creative. Over the years, he has reviewed other books by dozens of authors, and has become a popular name in the publishing industry for his reviews.

“Beau’s ability to mix critical analysis with good humor to make his reviews interesting and enjoyable is one of his greatest talents,” says Lance Hansen, Associate Editor for Publishers Weekly. “He makes the experience of reading books interesting, with its moments of light relief from the hardships of difficult subjects.” Hansen has reviewed over fifty books from Mr. Crabill and praises his “dry sense of humor and wit, always challenging the claims of some authors.”

“Beau is a very independent thinker,” says Matt Kornell, founder of Book Review Magazine. “His unique style of reviewing adds to the personal nature of reading.” “Beau is definitely one of the best reviewers I’ve ever come across,” says Matthew Johnson, Founder of the Book Review Newsletter.

“Beau’s prolific, informative, and surprising reviews have helped to launch him into celebrity status,” says David Beebe, author of the series, Who Books? In addition to a regular column in the Chicago Reader, The Book Review newsletter, and The Chicago Book Review, Mr. Crabill has been interviewed on TV, in publications such as the Sunday New York Times Book Review, and is the subject of many articles and press releases.

“Without question, Beau Crabill is a wonderful public speaker,” says Lisa Guernsey, Founder of Book Review Magazine. “He will always be remembered as an articulate and entertaining author who promotes books all around the world.”

“Beau is a creative force whose work is as brilliant as it is diverse,” says Randal Koene, author of the award-winning book, The Book Review newsletter. “He is able to illustrate his points by discussing his own experiences and providing little insights into other authors’ works that leave readers feeling as if they’ve experienced the book first-hand.”

“Beau’s wide-ranging coverage helps readers in every genre to find something new in each book,” says Diana Grundy, author of Book Review magazine. “He is equally at home in fiction and nonfiction, and uses the examples of other authors’ books to make a more interesting case for his own.”

“Beau Crabill is a very accomplished book reviewer,” says Greg Ginn, founder of The Book Review newsletter. “His style of criticism is both intelligent and engaging, and I’m always excited to read his reviews.” “It takes a trained professional to be a book reviewer, so Beau will never become a household name because no one knows who he is or what he has to say about books,” says Lori M. Timmons, author of The Book Review newsletter.

“Beau is a serious, thoughtful book reviewer who is truly committed to books,” says John M. Fainelli, author of The Book Review newsletter. “His books are informative and entertaining, and his reviews are always delightful.”

“There is a certain je ne sais quoi in the reviews written by Beau Crabill,” says Brian Bouckard, author of Book Review magazine. “They are clever, often humorous, and readers enjoy having something new to talk about every time they read one of his witty reviews.”

“When I think of Beau Crabill, I think of a great book reviewer,” says Meg Brock, author of The Book Review newsletter. “He is meticulous in his book reviewing, focusing on the big picture and not being bogged down in the minutiae of the book’s text.”

“The Art of Being Creative is well worth the time and effort to research and review,” says Anne Dean, author of Book Review magazine. “If you have an interest in learning how to be creative, this book is a great place to start.”